Saturday, 26 August 2017

Witch Hunting : A social crime, still exists !

For the past few weeks there were several incidence of violence meted out women in the name of Dain (witch). It is indeed very cruel and a very dangerous ploy, normally accompanied by rumor mongering against the woman, by vested interested elements in the village. It is seen in most cases the woman had land or property, and, certain greedy persons created this rumor to get rid of the woman so that her property can be grabbed. Let us create awareness on this problem of witch-hunting and resist all such attempts with all our might.

Decades ago some of us got together to create awareness through songs on the issue. On the background was such incidence which was happening in Purulia area in West Bengal. The language of the song was local dialect written by our co-activist Manik Dasgupta. Below is the lyric and please click below to listen to the song -

তরা মানুষ্  হয়ে করলি মানুষ খুন
রে সমাজেতে ধরাইন দিলি ঘুন

ডাইনি বলে লেগ্লি যাদের জান ওঝার কাছে
ভুল্লি কেনে তার ভিতরেও তর বিটিটাও আছে,
বিনা দোষে দিলি সাজা কাঁদছে বিটি শুন, সমাজেতে ধরাইন দিলি ঘুন|

তুই ভাবলি জান ওঝারা মারাং বুরুর সাথী
বিটি বহুর ডাইন ছাড়াতে উঠলি রে তাই মাতি
জান ওঝারাও মানুষ বটে নাই দেবতার গুন, আনখা রাগে করলি মানুষ খুন


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Training on Communication & Networking

NAVA team conducted a training programme for grass root women leaders of Community Mobilization Programme of Seva Kendra, Kolkata. There were three batches of participants attended this training held on 20, 22 and 25 May, 2017. The event was conducted with the help of various creative exercises like group games, role play, painting, cut and paste posters along with short thematic talks. The training was conducted by Diptendu Mukerji assisted by Smriti Sarkar. This was held at the Seva Kendra programme centre at Kolkata.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Women's Day 2017

Here are two poster / wall paper for Women's Day 2017. Please feel free to use them in any befitting manner. Thanks. NAVA Team.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Training on Communication Skills and Leadership

Staff Capacity Building :  Leadership & Communication Skills

This event was held at Seva Kendra from 15 to 17 February, 2017 for staff of Community Mobilization Project of Seva Kendra.  This was conducted by Diptendu Mukerji  for NAVA team.
The training was participatory in nature and covered aspects like -
1)  Communication: Basic Theory
2) Organisational Communication
3) Personal Communication
4) Communication for Community Mobilisation
5) Practices in Tools of Creative Communication

Sri M Bairagi, as senior Social Activist assisted in the orientation.
Along with class room sessions training also had several creative group exercises including poster making, public speaking, flash cards making and presentation, street theatre, slogan making, social songs and so on.